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Forgotten Heritage: Uncovering Singapore’s traditional Chinese puppets

— a special edition publication 


architectural decoration: negotiating symbols across time and place

— a special edition publication 



— the first book of a design project that study, documents and illustrates the traditions and superstitions that still holds sway in the Singaporean Chinese, Malay and Indian communities  


bean dolls of the old trades

— these bean dolls aren’t ordinary
plush dolls, they are the dolls of symbolic Chinatown figures


chinese tea culture:
the singapore chinatown experience

— this project is inspired by the tea-wrapper of the olden days that can be opened up fully and easily


chinatown visitor centre 

— a blend of tradition and modern features and furnishings to express the contemporary, cultural and historical character of a community



a collection of Singapore’s fading traditional crafts and trades

— a special edition publication 



vanishing series

— a series of publication about Singapore traditional crafts and artisans


visual / senses

— a special publication printed with aroma ink


just type

— an experimental typographic project with radio-frequency identification (rfid)

50s news-gift paper

— a 8pp gift wrapper cum posters



— a chair series employing the materials and processes of traditional craftsmen in Singapore 


— a chair series inspired by Laozi

singapore pangram

— a series of printed posters with images related to Singaporean culture and Singlish

botanicascent reversible packaging design

— a reversible soap packaging design 

botanicascent handmade soap

— a packaging that can be used for both organic and natural soap bars 

the botanicascent times

— a promotional brochure adopts a monochromatic approach to highlight the natural essence of Botanicascent

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