Designing Cultures:
The Lasting
Visual Memory


— a special SG50 project funded by
    National Library Board



irememberSG Fund



Jesvin Yeo

Cheng Yu Hui

Ng Boon Yew




Quek Teng Wan

Audrey Yang

Cheryl Tan

Lee Sin Lee

Dennis Koh




Dr Elizabeth Pang

Ministry of Education


The Lasting Visual Memory is a project that focuses on documenting the everyday experiences of Singapore’s traditional artisans. These remaining traditional artisans include the lantern maker, joss stick maker and wood carver who still practise their craft in 21st century Singapore.


Not many of us know that the artifacts created by these traditional artisans were designed for everyday use and also symbolic occasions. These artifacts were once created out of need when our ancestors first came to Singapore, and they have come to be strongly associated with the identity of Singaporeans. The appreciation of the traditional artisans’ craftsmanship was the motivation behind this project to document the artifacts created and how they came to represent different meanings in our daily lives.


The documentation of these artisans’ stories and the thoughtful process behind the making of the artifacts will be published into two illustration books for children. I hope that the books will serve as a starting point for the celebration and understanding of the origin of these traditional crafts. It is also my wish to raise the level of awareness and interest among the youth and tourists in our local culture.