Jesvin Yeo, who trained at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London, is a multidisciplinary designer, educator and researcher based in Asia. Her research and design interests relate to the historical and contemporary cultural changes in the areas of “Asian Material Culture”, “Asian Studies” and “Typography”. She investigates the intersection of cultural elements and motivation, as well as experiment with communication through visual and technology. As the foundation of her research, Jesvin employs design as a means for understanding, examining and critiquing the world around her. More specifically, she believes that design questions the social, cultural, historical, technological and formal norms that surround us daily. Jesvin’s research work has been published internationally, including journal article, keynote conference paper and book chapter. 


Jesvin is the author of several books, including the awarding-winning publications: ‘Vanishing Crafts’, ‘Negotiating symbols across time and place’, ‘Visual/Senses’ and ‘Choi!Touchwood!’. She also served as an associate editor of six international journals on Design Education, Design Principles & Practices, Book Design, and Humanities. 


Jesvin creative work has been published in several design magazines and books,
such as Tokyo Type Directors Club (TDC) Design Annual Book, Applied Typography 22, Wallpaper*, How Magazine, Letterheads & Business Cards 2, Graphic Design 3, and The Design Journal. Her creative work has also exhibited at galleries and museums in Berlin, London, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei and Beijing. Among 40 international design awards she received are the prestigious Red Dot Award (Communication Design), German Design Award, GOOD DESIGN™ Award and iF Communication Design Award.