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Just Type


Applied Typography International
Design Competition 

part of beyond typography research project


Typography needs to be audible.

Typography needs to be felt.

Typography needs to be experienced.

– Helmut Schmid, international designer and typographer

This experimental project uses images, interactive videos and projectors to create a typographic world, revealing the history, inspiration and experimental design of typefaces. It explores our experience with typefaces. Given that there are more than 100,000 fonts, many of which are free for designers to use, what is the process for guiding people to choose a font type? Is our choice of fonts based purely on our aesthetic preferences, or is it influenced by our associations with the historical and cultural significance of specific fonts?

In this project, I imagined the font as a personality with its role and history. The creative outcome is a multi-channel installation exhibition “Just Type”, which explores the world of inspirational and experimental typefaces through RFID and video projection. These 26 videos introduce the history and personality of font and pangram art according to the algorithm of the video identity tags, thereby allowing a unique interactive experience. 



Click the image below to watch the video



Just Type is supported by Institute for Media Innovation, Singapore

Research period: 2009-2010


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