50s news-gift paper

— a 8pp gift wrapper cum poster






The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design

part of singapore culture & design research project


A design that integrates the typographic elements used in a 1950s Chinese newspaper from Singapore lends this wrapping paper its distinctive appearance.

By taking a typographic approach to overlaying large, bright Chinese words of auspicious meaning on old newspapers – like  “Fu” for luck, “Lu” for status, "shou" for longevity, "Cai" for wealth, "Fu" for prosperity, “Le” for happiness, "Ji" for auspiciousness and "Xi" for double happiness, this 50s news-gift paper reflects a mixture of traditional and contemporary features. It offers an alternative for people who are looking for unique, well-designed wrapping options. The paper can be used as a gift, a keepsake, a special giveaway or even as a poster.


Visual/Senses supported by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Research period: 2009-2011

Production period: 2012-2013

Second Version: 2017