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My book designs "Choi! Touchwood!” and “Vanishing Craft" were exhibited at “OPEN PAGE: THE ART OF THE CREATIVE PROCESS” exhibition. OPEN PAGE is an ambitious project which looks into imagination and artistry in the process of content creation — making designs that promote pleasure, enthusiasm and reliability, that communicate and draw attention, and encourage quietness and thought. We never begin with a blank page: every now and then, page by page, a fragment is recalled by another fragment, a new idea forms. Design aims to show dependability in one form or another. Products seek to express feeling of the material, texture and recognition. Space creates warmth and comfort, and the book benefits the eyes, the most obvious attribute of a human being that brings about an immediate emotional reaction, by utilising colours, typography, grid and form.

The hundreds of books and magazines, and dozens of projects related to reading space, products and typography on display in this exhibition emphasise the cross-regional, cross-disciplinary and cross-generational spirit, which becomes an important platform for building cultural dialogue and enriching our aesthetic imagination.

11.10.2019 – 17.11.2019




Amy Chow is an interdisciplinary design expert and connoisseur with achievements in multiple roles. Trained in multiple creative hubs like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Rome, Amy joined The Hong Kong Design Centre as Design and Project Director (2005-2012), overseeing the DFA Awards, research, professional training workshops and exhibitions. Over the last decade, she has spearheaded numerous critically acclaimed design exhibitions to the local and international audience, including Creative Hong Kong: Project 9707 (2007) which was seen in Vancouver, Milan, London, New York and Seoul, the six-month-long Creative Ecologies of Hong Kong: Business Living Creativity (2010) at the Shanghai World Expo, Creative Ecologies+ (2012) at The Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Imminent Domain: Designing the life of tomorrow (2013), at Asia Society Hong Kong Center and Confluence 20+ (2017), a monumental roving exhibition series which has travelled to Milan, Hong Kong, Seoul and Chicago. As an intellectual and academician, she has lectured in many design institutions and coordinated academic programs.

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