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Centre Pompidou Shanghai - Design and Wondrous Exhibition

The Su7 Series were invited to be exhibited at the "Design and Wondrous" Exhibition at Centre Pompidou Shanghai.

Design and Wondrous – The notion of ornamentation, in its formal variations, has always been influenced by the evolutionary processes of nature, from Antiquity to Art Nouveau. The use of digital techniques from the years 2000 has now let a new dimension to ornamentation. From representations of natural forms to the re-creation of natural growth processes by digital tools, this exhibition will relate the recent history of design, between nature and structure, between vegetal and ornamental. The role of ornamentation is explored in its morphogenetic dimension, with the design object subject to a process of continual change through a dynamic of evolving forms. This exhibition recounts a unique story of design, exploring the morphogenetic dimension of ornamentation, from the transformation of forms to the digital age. The exhibition bring together more than one hundred works by French, Asian or International Designers: design objects, photographs, fabrics, natural specimens, ancient works from applied art, etc. – and is divided into several sections: Nature as ornamentation, Fractals, Arabesques, Ornamentation and the digital sphere, the Wondrous and Evanescence.

29.05.2020 - 13.09.2020




Marie-Ange Brayer, Head of the Design collection department at the Musée national d’art moderne

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