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Indigo Design Award 2019 Design Winner

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Apr.10, 2019 –

Indigo Design looks for raw talent and innovative creators that takes designing an application, website, and other forms of digital design to the next level. They look for those that are pushing the envelope when it comes to composition and layout and who take chances on new and innovative ways of expression in the digital realm.

Given the artistically-insightful prestige of the skillful jury, Indigo Award is pleased to announce that Jesvin Yeo was awarded Sliver in the Book Design Category in the 2019 Indigo Design Award Competition for the winning entry Vanishing Crafts.

There were many quality submissions to consider for awards this year, which has made it difficult for the jury to choose winners in the various categories. However, after careful consideration of all the entries, the jury members have decided who should receive the Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Honorable Mention this year.

Nearly 50 countries are represented with the entrants this year and the jury has worked hard to identify the best and brightest and award their skill and talent. The submissions are judged on design, creativity, innovation, functionality, quality, and adherence to the topic. Those chosen for the main award in each category have provided the perfect mix of these characteristics.

A handpicked jury of innovative contributors to the digital and design fields judges the submissions and chooses winners in several categories. The 32 person jury includes product designers, engineers, creative directors, type designers, art designers, professors, and other key players in the design realm. The idea is to help promote and inspire creative and innovative designers for their talent and share the passion digital design.


About Indigo Design Award Indigo Design Award is a platform designed for independent designers, creative agencies, and new talent from around the globe. Indigo Design Award is a place where true inspiration can shine through encouraging excellence, promoting talent, and inspiring creativity in digital design areas.

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