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11th London International Creative Competition

My design work, The Botanicascent Times (version 2), has been awarded at the 2017 London International Creative Competition. This year, LICC received thousands of highly qualified entries from all around the world and their esteemed international Jury Panel reviewed each submission to award the winners.

The Botanicascent Time - commission by Jay Cee Global

The mission of Jay Cee Global is to improve the well-being of people and reduces environmental impact. With the intention of providing affordable and natural beauty products to their customers, Jay Cee Global make certain that the designs of their products are cost effective. As a result, dual or triple functions became the main focus of all design produced for their skin and hair care brand: Botanicascent.

Along the same line of thought, the Botanicascent Times is a promotional material that designed deliberately without the page number, and so individual pages can be displayed as A1 or A2 posters. Interestingly, the centerspread can be removed and folded into a product flyer.

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