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The exhibition showcased 120 Tian Tian figurines featuring designs by Singapore and international artists, designers and communities.

I was one of the invited designers.

My work explores cultural heritage and material culture as an attentive study of reality. Of core design interests, are the confluences of cultural elements, identities and tradition, and their interface with emerging elements of the contemporary world. My approaches are grounded on conceptual experimentations with the rich disciplines of visual communication to grasp, examine, critique and make valuable sense of the world around us. This particular Tian Tian work represents my memory, feeling and discovery of Singapore through visual stimulation. It studies the intersection of Singapore people, our environments and beliefs, focusing on the desire where lives and ideologies coalesce.


Tian Tian, the little boy who is constantly curious about everything and anything as he makes his second stop in Singapore at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. Based on a conceptual comic in 1970s created by Danny Yung, coartistic director and founding member of Zuni Icosahedron, “Tian Tian @ SCCC” seeks to promote culture, inclusivity, creativity and dialogue, by inviting artists, personalities, arts and cultural groups, schools and cultural institutions to express themselves through their designs.

With Danny Yung (center)

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