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DMY International Design Festival

This exhibition at DMY International Design Festival seeks to view aesthetic expression through visual lenses, highlighting the interactions of design and a sense of culture, and expounding upon the use of design as a way of expressing one’s origins. This project explores contemporary meanings of cultures in our ever-changing global landscape. It aims to use aesthetical or cultural resources to add values on design, focusing on the four-word saying of traditional public opinion by Zhang DaoYi (俗, 野, 粗, 简): to reflect the aspirations of the public; a natural expression of emotions; to get rid of the pretentiousness; practically and terse.

About DMY International Design Festival

DMY holds the yearly DMY International Design Festival in Berlin in summer, which has established itself into a scenemeeting place, trend barometer, design laboratory and playground over the years.

Today the DMY International Design Festival occupies a crucial role in the global fair- and events- calendar as an independent event format for creative, experimental and innovative design.

2015 Venue: Kraftwerk Berlin

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