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A’ Design Awards 2015 Winners Announced

Best products, projects and services worldwide that demonstrate superior design, technology and creativity are rewarded with the A' Design Award; the symbol of excellence in design and innovation. Architectural Decoration by Jesvin Yeo is awarded Silver Award in the category of Communication Design.

The Silver A’Design Award is a prestigious award given to top 5% designs that has achieved an exemplary level of excellence in design. The designs are judged by a panel of three different Jury which is composed of 5 Academic, 5 Professional and 5 Focus Group members for each different competition. The designs are evaluated with score normalization to remove any biases and are voted on aspects such as functionality, ergonomics, engineering, presentation, innovation, usability, fun details, technology, and any other specific points that could be considered, each of these points are further weighted for different jury groups.


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