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10 Apr 2019

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Apr.10, 2019 –

Indigo Design looks for raw talent and innovative creators that takes designing an application, website, and other forms of digital design to the next level. They look for those that are pushing the envelope when it comes to co...

10 Dec 2018

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (December 10, 2018) —

GOOD DESIGN® is the world’s most prestigious, recognized, and oldest Design Awards program organized annually by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Centre for Architecture, Art...

5 Oct 2018

Congratulations to our winners and runner-ups. Judging was tough as always and there were a good many pieces that fell just shy of getting in. Winners will be featured in Issue 52 and online.

In 2019, only 10 excellent designers received the winner award for the categor...

15 Sep 2018

The exhibition, Craft: the Reset, at the Sea World Culture and Arts Center Shenzhen aims to explore crafts beyond its function as a technique, but as an impulse for creativity and an approach or attitude to shaping the world around us. Focusing on how crafts are applie...

25 May 2018

The Indigo Design Award Jury has finished their selection process and we are happy to announce the 2018 winners.

We’ve received hundreds of amazing works from around the globe. Our honorary members of the jury have reviewed each submission based on the following crite...

15 Apr 2018

My design work, The Botanicascent Times (version 2), has been awarded at the 2017 London International Creative Competition. This year, LICC received thousands of highly qualified entries from all around the world and their esteemed international Jury Panel reviewed ea...

3 Mar 2018

The exhibition showcased 120 Tian Tian figurines featuring designs by Singapore and international artists, designers and communities.

I was one of the invited designers.

My work explores cultural heritage and material culture as an attentive study of reality. Of core des...

18 May 2017

新‧创艺 | Creativity in Pulses

The exhibition of contemporary art at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre aims to bring fresh perspectives to the way we look at ourselves and our identity as Chinese Singaporeans.

The theme evokes newness while acknowledging our roots, and...

12 May 2017

VENICE DESIGN 2017 is the largest design exhibition running alongside La Biennale di Venezia. During the Art Biennial, from May 13th to November 26th 2017, VENICE DESIGN intends to show a glimpse of the approaches of today’s international designers and is a testimony a...

19 Apr 2017

A' Design Award and Competition is pleased to announce that the literature design Vanishing Crafts by Jesvin Yeo became winner of the renowned Silver A' Design Award in Writing, Literature and Content Design Competition Category.

Writing, Literature and Content Design...

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