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designing cultures seeds

We invest in designers and empower them to improve the world through visual communication design!!
Designing Cultures Seeds supports innovative, thought-provoking initiatives
that will make a lasting difference for the visual communication designers and landscape in Singapore. This is part of the Designing Cultures Studio’s ambition
to put Singapore visual communication design on the world map.

scope and objective   

  • To fund innovative projects related to visual communication design 

  • To encourage local visual communication designers to embark on visual communication related research and design projects; grow and develop the visual communication community in Singapore; and promote Singapore’s creative design and practices locally and internationally.


  • Small or informal organisations and groups as well as individuals who are passionate about visual communication design 

  • There must be at least one Singaporean in the team


  • The awardees will be supported by our network of design experts. 

max project duration and budget

  • 24 months

  • SGD5,000

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designing cultures seeds
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