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新‧创艺 – Designing Cultures Studio at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

新‧创艺 | Creativity in Pulses

The exhibition of contemporary art at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre aims to bring fresh perspectives to the way we look at ourselves and our identity as Chinese Singaporeans.

The theme evokes newness while acknowledging our roots, and sees an identity in flux and constant reinvention. It speaks of new opportunities, new methods, and new ways of seeing, seeking to re-examine aspects of our culture, values, community, and heritage through different lenses.

The exhibition draws from a wide spectrum of artists at the cutting edge of Singapore's creative scene. From filmmakers, product designers, graphic artists, photographers and installation artists, the works displayed at the exhibition hopes to provoke thought and conversation through each artist's unique parsing of aspects of the Singaporean Chinese identity.

Architectural Decoration: Negotiating Symbols Across Time and Place

50s news-gift paper

Exhibition Period

19 May – 30 September 2017

Gallery, Level 2, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

10am – 7pm (Mon – Thurs)

10am – 8pm (Fri –Sat)

10am – 4pm (Sun / Public Holidays)

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