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15 Sep 2018

The exhibition, Craft: the Reset, at the Sea World Culture and Arts Center Shenzhen aims to explore crafts beyond its function as a technique, but as an impulse for creativity and an approach or attitude to shaping the world around us. Focusing on how crafts are applie...

18 May 2017

新‧创艺 | Creativity in Pulses

The exhibition of contemporary art at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre aims to bring fresh perspectives to the way we look at ourselves and our identity as Chinese Singaporeans.

The theme evokes newness while acknowledging our roots, and...

12 May 2017

VENICE DESIGN 2017 is the largest design exhibition running alongside La Biennale di Venezia. During the Art Biennial, from May 13th to November 26th 2017, VENICE DESIGN intends to show a glimpse of the approaches of today’s international designers and is a testimony a...

30 Oct 2015

I was one of the 15 International Designers invited by Red Dot Germany to exhibit our award-winning creative works in Xiamen International Design Business Week - Red Dot in China 2015.



Red Dot:

The five million South-Chinese metropolis Xiamen is the tourist attraction...

28 Oct 2015

The 2015 Hangzhou International Design Week kicked off on Oct. 28. The main venue is at the prime shopping area of Hangzhou – In77. International emerging designers from Singapore, Melbourne, Japan, Amsterdam and Jakarta arrived with their latest works.


With the theme...

11 Jun 2015

This exhibition at DMY International Design Festival seeks to view aesthetic expression through visual lenses, highlighting the interactions of design and a sense of culture, and expounding upon the use of design as a way of expressing one’s origins. This project explo...

9 Mar 2015

Opening of the exhibition: Between the Sheets: Artists Books 2015. I am glad to be a part of this exhibition, which showcase artists’ books by international printmakers, photographers, wordsmiths, painters, sculptors, digital and textile artists, employing both traditi...

8 Dec 2014


Documentary photography has long been perceived as a depiction of reality and truth. This form of photography was thought to be less of an art or expression of an idea, and more of a technical process of capturing the reality of a moment, an experience, or a situation...

20 Nov 2014

ADM Gallery 2

School of Art, Design and Media

Nanyang Technological University

20 November – 20 December 2014


22 Jul 2014

Photography program at Purdue University, West Lafayatte, IN is hosting a symposium on Postmodern Documentary Photography from September 25th-26th. 


In conjunction with the symposium, the exhibition, [re] connect will be held at Rusty and Rueff gallery at Purdue Univer...

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